Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Oreo Day!

This past week our school celebrate our 1st annual OREO DAY! Our math and science specialist worked together to create some fun and enriching activities (yes, they even correlated with the TEKS!) as we celebrated a day full of black and white "oreo-ness!" We started our day where each child competed in an "Oreo-Stacking Contest" where they had 2 chances to see how many oreos they could stack with 1 hand.

Then, we took the winner from each grade level to compete in an oreo-stacking contest against the winners from the other grade levels! A 6th grader won by stacking, I believe, over 20 oreos! We also had the teachers compete in a "minute to win-it" contest to see who could get an oreo cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands!
For our firsties, we made predictions about how long we thought it would take an oreo to dissolve in water, soda, and milk; and which liquid would take the shortest time. We thought soda would be the winner but it was actually milk! It did take over 24 hours though for the cookie part to dissolve, but the icing did not dissolve. They made great observations!

We also did lots of fun oreo math story problems (Ex: Jake had 3 fewer oreos than Adriana. If Adriana had 12, how many did Jake have?) Then we, OF COURSE ate our oreo cookies, and came up with a list of adjectives that described our oreos. After that, we listed our adjectives in complete sentences in our OREO booklets.

Other grade-levels completed activities such as making a book about "The Day in the Life of an Oreo" or using a balance scale to see what weighs less, more, or equal to an oreo, and many MANY more awesome activties! We also had a 2 graphs in our hallway. It was "What is your favorite way to eat an oreo?" We had the student's complete 1 graph and the parents/visitors complete the other graph when they came to our school. Then, the kids had a corresponding worksheet that we could complete with questions related to the graph. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of the two graphs. It was such a fun day and something our students will never forget!


  1. This looks like it was sooo much fun!! Love your blog!!
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    I love the Oreo adjectives!

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