Monday, August 22, 2011

Classroom Pics (finally!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day back to school with your kiddos! I have 20 beautiful little faces that I'm anxious to begin teaching! I really think this will be a great year! I have a few pics from my classroom that I'll share with you. I decided to change my "jungle theme" to something a little more "light" in color. I have more polka dot/stripes in pastel colors. To me, it makes it more fresh and soft on the eyes. Enjoy!

Outside of door "We are having a BALL in first grade"
Inside of door:
"Our work is something to TWEET about"
Math/Focus Wall:
Our 6 class rules:
Birthday chart:
Desks with crayon organizers:

Behind my desk:
BB I made over the summer:
Our class promise poster (it's now filled in and the kids decorated a drawing of themselves to go around the poster. It turned out really cute!

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