Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Crayon Organizer

I don't know about you and your students, but I always *cringe* when I say "Get out your *insert color name here* crayon. I mean, it takes these babies like 2 minutes to find a red or purple or green or anything! My first 2 years I had kids keep their crayons inside their desk in their crayon box. That did NOT work. My 3rd year I had my kids sit a tables and they had their table bucket with all their materials and supplies inside. This worked fabulously and I always loved Friday afternoons when we "organized" our table bucket! Anyway, the table buckets worked well BUT their crayons were still thrown into baggies. Blah. So, I decided to do something. So, I made these lovely crayon organizers. It was SUPER easy and SUPER cheap (I think I spent $3.50. I already had wood,paint, and ribbon though!)

-gorilla glue
-acryllic paint
-hot glue
-cups (I used plant starter cups from Dollar Tree. They come 6 in a pack and were 50% off!)

So here goes:
Cut/Sand wood (Home Depot cuts your wood free for teachers!)

Paint with acryllic paint / Hot glue ribbon on sides

Use gorrilla glue to glue cups to wood (If you use plastic cups, I would recommend drilling into wood)

Place crayons in organizer and voilla! Let's hope this works!

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