Thursday, August 4, 2011

Library Sticks, Tattling, and Pencils

Ok so who loves freebies, hates tattling, and feels like they pick up 3,784,932 pencils at the end of the day? If you're a teacher, then I *know* you replied "Yes" to all three. So for the freebies, I picked up 12 *FrEe* paint sticks from H.D. (code for Home Depot), painted them, stamped R E A D on it, drilled a whole through the end, and tied ribbon. Love!

For my tattlers (is that even a word?!?), I created my "Peace, Love, No Tattles" notebook. Students will be allowed, at the end of the day, to jot down any "tattles" they are still bothered by. It will be totally confidential and I will be able to read it and follow up with them, if necessary. Plus, who wouldn't be excited to read what 6 year-olds tattle about!

Lastly, I bought these green, plastic pencils cases at Target for $0.60 and taped these suckers on top. Hopefully this will encourage kids to KEEP THE PENCILS IN THE CASE.


  1. I LOVE your tattle notebook idea!! So genius, and probably so much fun to read!! Love your new cute blog too!! Welcome!! -Jackie-

    Sister Teachers

  2. Really, really cute ideas!!! Makes me want to teach again! By the way, where are the "suckers" you taped on top??????