Tuesday, August 9, 2011

D.O.T Books

So I have to first stop and say a HUGE "Thank you" to Ashley at "The Polka Dot Patch" for her marvelous D.O.T book idea! I absolutely *loved* it and decided to take that idea and run with it! I wanted to share with you pictures of my own version of this year's 1st Grade D.O.T book! Enjoy!!!

Front Cover:

Inside Left: There are 2 pockets (hard to see!) and 1 of them is for their homework, the other is labeled MONEY. I will stick a small envelope in that pocket for them to put lunch money, book fair money, field trip money, etc..

DOT Book Rules plus 2 Dividers (Calendar/Notes)

Inside Right Cover: 2 Pockets. 1 labeled "Take Home Work" and the other has my contact info on it!

Back cover of my binder:

Click Here are the PDFs for you to download; or, you can email me if you would like to edit your own version. Thanks again to The Polka Dot Patch for a great organizational idea!!!

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